Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

We are well established as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, reboilers as well as double pipe type heat exchangers to the African market.

We are able to provide:

Technical Consultation
We assist you in selecting the optimum heat exchanger to meet your requirements.

Various Configurations
The are various different types of configurations that can be used to meet your specific requirements,We generally design to TEMA configurations.
Configurations include Heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets, floating tubesheets, removable tube bundles, U-tube bundle, multiple pass flow arrangements, multiple shell units and double pipe heat exchangers.

Thermal and Hydraulic Design
Done by specialist chemical engineers experienced in heat transfer technology using the latest software available.

Mechanical Design
Done by specialist professional Pr.Eng, mechanical engineer in compliance with latest PER (Pressure Vessel Regulations).
Pressure vessel designs generally comply with RSA-CIF code requirements, ASME Vlll DIV 1, unless otherwise specified.

Detail drawings
Done using the latest 2D/3D software.

Design Review and Surveillance
A.I.A (Approved Inspection Authority) as nominated by Protherm systems or by the customer.

In-House Manufacturing
Our Workshop works in accordance with approved quality plans (QCP,WPS, PQR). Welding by qualified operators as required for vessel certification.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)
Utilising dye penetrant testing and/ or radiography and hydrotest for vessel certification by A.I.A.

Various Materials
Manufacturing can be done in various materials including carbon steel (boiler plate), stainless steels, stainless alloy materials and titanium as may be required.

Manufacturing Data Report (MDR)
We provide a full Data pack with all certificated heat exchangers.

Maintenance, Refurbishing & Re-tubing
We are able to attend to all your maintenance, Refurbishment and Re-tubing requirements.

Tubes held in stock
We keep stock of certain tubes for shortened lead times.
Large stock of ASTM-A249 tube mostly ø19,05mm & ø25,4mm in grades 304L & 316L stainless steel. Other material and tube sizes subject to special order.