Purpose Designed Equipment

Protherm Systems have over the years assisted with the design and construction of various Purposed Designed Equipment/Plants.

Some examples of purposed designed equipment include:

  • Reactor Systems: Featuring a Thermowall as the method of heat transfer. Thermowall provides the optimum configuration for maximising heat transfer into vessels or tanks especially when liquid is used as the heat transfer medium.
  • Bulk Chemical Storage Systems: For chemicals that are stored for a period of time, that require continuous heating/cooling in order to maintain work-ability, quality or for safety reasons.
  • Heat Recovery Systems: Protherm has assisted with various methods of heat recovery in a wide range of process applications. Modern times require sufficient and cost effective heat recovery
    Our team of engineers are capable of developing innovative and unique designs to meet your requirements.
  • Hot Water Plants: Protherm has designed and manufactured hot water systems that have been used to supply hot water to wash water systems, for example cathode wash systems in electro-winning plants, or for the supply of hot water used for domestic purposes.
  • Clean Steam Plants: Clean steam is often utilised in pharmaceutical applications.