Plastic Heat Exchanger




Made entirely from plastic materials for heating or cooling or condensing of chemically aggressive liquids & gases
Materials of Construction
• PE-RT (polyethylene)
• PP (polypropylene)
• PVDF (fluoropolymer)

Temperature Range
-30 °C to +135 °C depending on choice of material and allowable working pressure.

Pressure Range (in the tubes)
Up to 16 bar(g) depending on choice of material and allowable working temperature.


Tube Plate (Shell & Tube) Heat Exchangers: For heat transfer between low viscosity fluids. Suitable for clean fluids e.g. inorganic acids and condensation of corrosive vapours.
Cleaning: Chemical cleaning or by counter flushing

Immersion Heat Exchangers: Widely used in metal finishing and electroplating industries and chemical industries for bath attemperation. Heating or cooling of inorganic acids , high purity water (electronics industry), and surface encrusting chemicals.
Cleaning: Heat exchangers are easily removable and are easily cleaned with pressurised water, steam or chemicals.

Gas-Liquid Heat Exchangers: Gas de-humidification and air conditioning , cooling and condensation of corrosive gases. Supplied with demister collectors and in-built cleaning system (optional).

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