Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

Protherm Systems are well established as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of finned tube heat exchangers, including:

  • Air cooled steam / vapour condensers
  • Air cooled closed circuit water coolers for furnace cooling application
  • Blast air coolers for oil cooling
  • Gas /air heater exchangers using steam, condensate or thermal fluid.
  • Economisers
  • Various finned tube types and materials available:

    • Stock base tube is stainless steel with Finning to suit in extruded aluminum
  •  Protherm Systems are able to provide:

    • THERMAL & HYDRAULIC DESIGN by specialist chemical engineers experienced in heat transfer technology using up to date software.
    • MECHANICAL DESIGN by specialist professional Pr.Eng, mechanical engineer in compliance with latest PER ( Pressure Vessel Regulations) using up to date software. Pressure vessel designs generally to comply with RSA-CIF code requirements, ASME Vlll DIV 1, unless otherwise specified.
    • DESIGN REVIEW AND SURVEILLANCE by A.I.A (Approved Inspection Authority) as nominated by Protherm systems or by customer.
    • MANUFACTURE in PROTHERM SYSTEMS’ specialist heat exchanger workshop in accordance with approved quality plans (QCP,WPS, PQR). Welding by qualified operators as required for vessel certification.
    • NDT utilising dye penetrant testing and/ or radiography and hydrotest for vessel certification by A.I.A.
    • MANUFACTURING DATA REPORT (MDR) data pack provided with all certificated Heat exchangers
    • MAINTENANCE , REFURBISHING & RE-TUBING of finned tube heat exchangers.
    • TECHNICAL CONSULTATION AND EQUIPMENT as to the optimum finned heat exchanger selection suited to the process application.