Plate Heat Exchanger

THERMOWAVE Plate Heat Exchangers:

We supply and manufacture Thermowave plate heat exchangers:

  • SIZE RANGE: Wide size range from small to large (up to 1 500m3/h).
  • PLATE TYPES: Power-line plates for high thermal performance and Standard-Line plates which are relatively dirt resistant.
  • PLATE MATERIALS: Various materials options including stainless steel grades 304, 316, SMO254, Alloy 825 and titanium.
  • GASKETS: Clip in type available in NBR, HNBR, EPDM, Chloroprene & FPM (Viton).
  • FRAMES: Rated for operation at pressures up to 25 Bar and available in carbon steel painted or glass flake coated or in stainless steel, cladded for larger units. Option for frames to be stainless steel fitted.
  • SA CONTENT: Whilst pressed plates and moulded gaskets are of German origin, Protherm Systems manufactures all other components, such as frame plates.All Assembly and testing of heat exchangers occurs at our premises.
  • SPARES & SERVICE: Protherm Systems carry an extensive stock of plates and gaskets locally. A service crew is available for cleaning and maintenance of plate heat exchangers (all makes)
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Specialist heat exchanger & process engineers based at Protherm Systems.

Design & Manufacturing Codes (As Applicable)

  • ASME Vlll Div.1
  • AD Merkblatter
  • BS 5500
  • RSA-CIF-81-04A06 (ASME Vlll equivalent for South African manufactured items)
  • TEMA
  • ASME IX (Welding)