Our Premises

Our fully Equipped workshop

Protherm Systems operates a comprehensive workshop and stores facility capable of high quality fabrication of heat exchangers (shell and tube and finned tube type) as well as pressure vessels and associated equipment.

Welding processes are performed by certificated welders in accordance with the prescribed welding procedures.

Pressure equipment design and manufacture and testing is done under supervision  of in house quality assurance by qualified inspection personnel and also by a third party SANAS approved inspection authority (AIA) and to approved  quality plans.

In addition, assembly and testing of THERMOWAVE plate heat exchangers is done from our extensive local of components, also under quality supervision.

Furthermore, the assembly of complete skid mounted process systems is done in our workshop involving pipework manufacturing and fitment, together with fittings and instrumentation.

Also where required electrical equipment and cabling can be installed and FAT testing performed.

Our workshop stores maintain a comprehensive stock of stainless steel heat exchanger tubes, heat exchanger plates, gaskets and related components in order to facilitate optimum delivery performance.

Servicing and refurbishing of heat exchangers is also done in our workshop but where necessary our service team can also arrange for such work to also be done on site.

Images below show previous work done at Protherm Systems;