Elution Heating System

Strip solution (Elution) Heating Systems

Protherm Systems are actively involved in the design, manufacture supply of pre-assembled and skid mounted gold elution plant and have supplied many such installations to the gold mining industry. Elution systems and equipment suitable for both ZADRA and AARL elution processes

Heating Options

Selection dependent upon availability and cost of energy at site.

  • Fired systems utilising diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, and gas
  • Electrical heaters
  • Steam

Heating Media (Primary Heat Exchangers)

  • Systems utilising thermal oil
  • Systems utilising pressure hot water
  • Systems utilising steam

Primary Heat Input Exchangers (Heating to 1300C)

Secondary Heat Recovery Exchangers

  • Thermowave Plate Heat Exchangers are the most economic heat exchanger choice.
  • Multiple shell, shell and tube heat exchangers are sometimes specified for heat recovery. Units feature floating head removable tube bundles with cleaning lanes to enable cleaning of tube externally as well as internally.

Pre-Assembled Systems

  • Elution heating Systems are pre-assembled and tested in the shop complete with pre-fabricated piping all welded. The footprint and layout for pre-assembled system would conform with the site arrangement which are constructed in accordance with the applicable general arrangement drawings. Components and prefabricated piping pieces are match marked prior to dismantling and shipment thus greatly simplifying on site erection and installation.
  • Smaller systems can be skid mounted and shipped to site as skid mounted modules.
  • Smaller systems can be installed into standard shipping containers (pre-owned) complete with piping electrical and control wiring including MCC and lighting as well as the eluant tank and thermal insulation. Such plant can be pre-commissioned in the shop prior to dispatch. On site, system is connected to services and is essentially ‘ready to run’. Ideal system for smaller gold mines.