Specialist Dryer Systems

Protherm Systems has the chemical and mechanical engineering expertise to assist with the design and development of a dryer system for a wide range of applications.

Protherm Systems can offer assistance in design and construction of Dual Spray Dryers and Vacuum Pan Dryers. Examples of dryer systems we provide expertise on include:

• Spray Dryers: Conical, flat bottom & spray bed dryer configurations. Liquid to powder for food and chemicals
• Fluid Beds : Dryers,instantizers,granulators and Fluid mix systems
• Spin Flash Dryers : For difficult to dry filter cakes and paste like materials.
• Vacuum Pan Dryers : For drying of heat sensitive and high value materials on a batch-wise basis. Extensively used in metallurgical refineries.
• Flash Dryer Systems : For food and chemical applications.